This Is How The Pentagon Spends Its $645.7 Billion Annual Budget

If Congress and the White House don’t strike a deficit-reduction deal, cuts kick into the Pentagon’s $645.6 billion annual budget. Here’s what that means:


Even as civil war rages on in Syria and the President makes the case for intervention, Congress turns back to their yearly fall obsession – the budget. As we near a government shutdown, House Republicans are delaying a vote on a measure that would keep the government running for now. Why? Obamacare. If Congress cannot come to a resolution of the budget, we could see cuts that could affect the very military we’re considering using in Syria. Today we take a look back at an old fact that dives into what budget cuts might do to the military.

The Pentagon, whose budget has nearly doubled in the past decade to $645.7 billion, may soon face budget cuts of nearly $50 billion per year for the next ten years – atop an almost equal reduction program already underway. The new reductions kick in automatically in the event that Congress and the White House cannot strike a bargain by the end of September.

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