Stunning Tree in Cavite Resembling Japan’s Cherry Blossoms Goes Viral on Social Media

Though the tree extremely resembles the Sakura tree, it turned out to be something else.

Tourists around the world travel to Japan and Korea just to take a look at the beautiful pink flowers of the cherry blossom tree. Currently it is widely distributed, especially in the temperature zone of the Northern Hemisphere including Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, West Siberia, Iran, and Afghanistan. Along with the Chrysanthemum, the cherry blossoms or “Sakura” is considered the National Flower of Japan.

Unfortunately for many Filipinos, travelling to other countries can be quite costly, and many Filipinos may never see a Sakura tree in their life. But what if Sakura trees grow in the Philippines?

Several photos showing a stunning pink tree are making rounds in the internet, with users claiming it is a cherry blossom tree found in the Philippines. Locals and tourists were excited, hoping to see the tree soon. Curious netizens came to check out since photos of this tree circulated online.

However, it turns out that this blossomy pink-flowered tree is not sakura but a native from Palawan called ‘balayong’. Sakura or not, the tree still looks equally stunning, doesn’t it?

The Sakura-like flowers can be found in De La Salle University Medical Center in Cavite.