Netizen Shares His Salary Allocation Scheme to Help Others Who Want to Save Up

Stop being a one-day millionaire and start saving up for the future!

Are you a one-day millionaire? There are people who spend their 15-day salary in just a day and live in complete poverty for the next two weeks. But as we get older and adulting becomes harder, it is always a good idea to start saving up and quit partying for a while. However, budgeting and allocating your monthly salary isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It is sometimes hard to allocate and budget, especially when you have a lot of things in mind: monthly bills, allowances, savings, and of course—that extra money you should always have in hand just in case of emergencies. It can be hard to choose which is more important than the other, that more often than not, we end up making the wrong choices and priorities.

To help others prepare for their future, Facebook user Xopau Mendoza shared his own salary allocation and budgeting scheme on the said social media site. Mendoza allocates his monthly salary into 8 different “folders” including daily allowance, emergency funds, insurance, the stock market, mutual funds, savings, and extra money.

Mendoza invented one folder called “invisible savings” wherein the money put into the folder is kept until it grows in the future. He calls it ghost money as he pretends it doesn’t exist. Read his entire Facebook post and learn more about his scheme:

SALARY ALLOCATIONDisclaimer: Hindi ako magpopost para magpaholdap, utangan, magyabang, magpakashowy at magfeeling…

Posted by Xopau Mendoza on Friday, April 13, 2018