Man Brought Up as a Woman Shares His Story to Raise Awareness about His Rare Condition

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Apparently, he was born with two different sex organs, and he was brought up as a girl as his parents believed he was a “she”.

Maher Ibrahim Borhan from the Philippines always wondered why she never developed breasts, nor have menstruation during puberty. She was also terribly confused when she always had crushes on her girl classmates and friends. She always believed she was a lesbian. However, it wasn’t until she developed Adam’s apple that he realized something was terribly wrong, and he believes the world has to learn and understand his rare situation.

It was until she underwent a medical test during his college days that he was given an astonishing diagnosis; she was actually a “he”.

Yes, you read that right. Maher was apparently born with two sex organs, confusing his parents at first. Apparently, Maher was suffering from Hermaphroditism, a rare medical case wherein the sufferer’s internal sex organs contain both ovarian and testicular tissue.

Today, Maher is on his way to changing his name from a female to male and has also begun changing his style of clothing. He shared his story on Facebook, to help others (especially his classmates who were used to him being a woman) understand that he is actually a man, and was brought up as a woman by his parents who thought he was a girl. Read his entire story below:

I was raised as female but I am really male. Yes, I was diagnosed as TRUE HERMAPHRODITEI am Maher I. Borhan. From…

Posted by Maher Ibrahim Borhan on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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