Guy Dances to Momoland’s ‘Bboom Bboom’ While Taking a Bath in Hilarious Video

He knew ever dance step!

A few years back, Filipinos began falling in love with the Korean culture. From K-Dramas to K-Pop music, the Korean culture has taken over the lives of many young Filipinos. In fact, the evolution of K-Pop and K-Drama in the Philippines has now reached the online realm where a throng of Filipino fan bases are devoted to specific Korean artists or drama.

One song is now filling Pinoy homes with its catchy and quirky beat—and many Filipinos are dancing to it. Korean girl group Momoland’s hit digital single “Bboom Bboom” is probably the most viral song on the internet today, with many social media users doing the dance challenge of the said song.

However, there are some “closet” Kpop lovers who enjoy listening and dancing to Kpop music when no one is watching. One man from the Philippines was unaware that someone was filming him while he was taking a bath and dancing to the said song. Netizens were amused especially when he knew every single step to the song. As a matter of fact, he hurriedly rinsed his shampoo-covered-hands just to make it in time for the chorus!

Kinain na ng Bboom Bboom. Kasalanan mo to Nancy!

Posted by Joshua Jeks Meneses on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

“Bboom Bboom” is the third-best-selling K-pop song in America this week following behind BTS’ “Mic Drop” and “DNA” (the band’s other Hot 100 hit that peaked at No. 67 in October). “Bboom Bboom” is the girl group’s first Billboard entry to date and bodes well for future releases.