Grandfather Selflessly Watches His Granddaughter While She Happily Ate at a Jollibee Branch

In another picture, he was seen reaching one to get one fry—but that was it.

There are those who love their grandparents more than their own parents during their childhood. Parents are the enforcers of rules. They focus on a child’s physical and educational needs. With so much to do, parents can ignore a child’s wishes unless the parent has nothing else pressing. Thankfully, grandparents are there to fill in.

One grandfather from the Philippines is now gaining attention from social media after photos of him and his granddaughter went viral. In the photos, the old man can be seen sitting in front of the child with nothing in front of him except his cap, while his granddaughter happily ate a full meal.

Facebook user Xiasang Pagaran saw the touching scene and decided to take a photo to be shared on social media. Netizens were touched by the grandfather’s selfless gesture and lauded him for his love for the little one.

In a second photo, the old man can be seen reaching out to get one fry—but that was it. He simply watched on while his granddaughter happily ate. Now that’s the unconditional love of a grandfather!