Girl Goes from Chubby to Sexy by Drinking Vinegar Mixed with Warm Water

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She also added that a little jog or walk every day helps in slimming you down—no need to go to the gym!

For many people from the working force, slimming down or losing weight can be an arduous task. Since they are tired from work and are sometimes too lazy to exercise, they tend to gain more weight as time passes by. Eating out is also a better option than cooking at home, and yes, it is hard to cut down on rice for many Filipinos.

Chubby and curvy women are often criticized, bullied, and discriminated against, with the offender not even realizing the effect of a few words on them. They are often called demeaning names such as “baboy (pig)”, “balyena (whale)”, and a few other words that are indeed hurtful to many women. Especially in a society where “skinny” is the new beautiful, many women hope to change their unhealthy lifestyle and change for the better. But how?

Facebook user Donie Lin was just as chubby and fat like many others a few years back. She weighed 70+ kg and was often discriminated against when she rode Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs). According to Lin, the driver would even mutter to himself that “fat people should pay double”.

It was a hard time for her until she decided to change. How? Simple. Lin said that all she did was drink one glass of warm water with three tablespoons of Bragg apple cider vinegar mixed into it. She would drink one glass in the morning, and one glass at night. She added that cutting down on rice, and jogging from time to time helps a lot.

Look at her now!

Iniwan ng driver yung babaeng mataba nung nalaman nyang “ISANG UPUAN LANG” yung babayadan ni ate gurl sa van.And as a…

Posted by Donie Lin on Saturday, April 21, 2018

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