Etude House and 7 Other Korean Makeup Brands Recall Antimony-Laced Products

It is always the best thing to check your makeup’s composition before using it.

There are compounds in makeup products that are totally harmful to the body. One compound used in beauty and makeup products nowadays is antimony, which can be deadly for some. Antimony toxicity occurs either due to occupational exposure or during therapy. Occupational exposure may cause respiratory irritation, pneumoconiosis, antimony spots on the skin and gastrointestinal symptoms. In addition, antimony trioxide is possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Among other brands, Etude House, 3CE, and Skinfood have recalled their products with high levels of Antimony, a little-known heavy metal used in a wide variety of commercial and consumer products, including batteries, bullets, children’s toys, clothing, glass, paint, and plastic bottles.

Currently, the eight popular makeup brands called out by KMFDS include:

  • Etude House
  • Skinfood
  • 3CE
  • Aritaum
  • Makeheal
  • XTM Style Homme
  • Black Monster

Always check your makeup for harmful materials. Here’s the complete list of affected products:

Etude House – AC Clean-Up Mild Concealer

Etude House – Drawing Eyebrow Duo

Skinfood – Cherry Full Lip Liner (Rose Cherry)

3CE – Slim Eyebrow Pencil (Chestnut Brown)

Aritaum – Full Cover Stick Concealer (2g)

Aritaum – Full Cover Cream Concealer (2.5g)

XTM Style Homme – For Men Easy Stick Concealer (2.2g)

SKEDA – Homme Spot Concealer

Makeheal – Naked Slip Brow Pencil

Makeheal – Naked Slip Brow Pencil

Black Monster – Black Erasing Pen (2.2g)

You may get a full refund or exchange your affected Etude House products in a local branch if they fall under these batch details.

AC Clean-Up Mild Concealer

  • Serial Number: AAH
  • Expiry Date: 8 Jan 2021

Drawing Eyebrow Duo No. 3 (Gray-Brown)

  • Serial Number: GLG
  • Expiry Date: 17 Dec 2020