Couple Travels to 5 Counties for 17 Days and Just Spent P15,000 in Fare and Accommodations

“You don’t have to be rich to travel.”

Millions of people have set their ultimate dream to save up money and travel the world with their loved ones. However, life can be hard for some and being able to travel can only be a dream that is hard to reach. Many people believe that traveling can be quite heavy on an ordinary person’s small salary, but according to a woman from the Philippines, “You don’t have to be rich to travel.”

MeaKryztine Aquiviano from the Philippines travelled with her beau to five different countries in a span of 17 days and she merely spent P15,000 (roughly $290). That amount includes fare used from planes to local rides, and their accomodations for 17 days.

On her Facebook post, she posted the breakdown of their 17-day trip expenses:


Manila-Cambodia = P2,099
Cambodia-Thailand = P772.95 via bus
Thailand – Vietnam = P1,777.13
Vietnam – Singapore = P1,791.5
Singapore -Malaysia = P682.56 via bus
Malaysia – Cebu = P2,382.5

3D/2N CAMBODIA 799.74/2pax= P399.87each
3D/2N THAILAND 1420.32/2pax=P710.16each
4D/3N VIETNAM 1545.9/2pax= P772.95each
5Dl4N SINGAPORE 6,183.6/2pax= P3091.8each
4D/3N MALAYSIA 1276.8/2pax= P638.4

Yes, for only that amount, the couple was able to enjoy trips to and around Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia. According to Aquiviano, they set another P15,000 aside from souvenirs and food.

Aquiviano also advised other people to always look out for “Piso fare promos” online.

₱15,118.5“You don’t have to be rich to travel well”17 DAYS 5 COUNTRIES 🌍 Yes you read it right 17 DAYS for 5…

Posted by MeaKryztine Aquiviano on Tuesday, February 27, 2018