Chinese Man Faces 3 Months in Jail for Bullying His High School Classmate for 9 Years

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He was able to track down the victim even after high school and continued to bully her on social media sites.

Bullying is one growing problem that the world is still failing to solve and prevent. More and more children are taking their own lives after receiving physical, verbal, and emotional abuse from their classmates, and no one is batting an eye. More often than not, bullying incidents are brushed off as “petty fights” between students, and adults fail to see what is really happening. In the end, the victims are forced to fight in their own ways.

Wang Jingjing from China suffered abuse from her high school classmate, Jiang Qi, for nine long years since 2009. She was severely abused physically and verbally when she was in high school at Zhejiang Wenling High School, that she attempted to take her own life many times.

Qi even went as far as spreading false rumors about Wang on certain Chinese social media sites, claiming that Wang was actually a prostitute and that she lied about being wealthy. After the rumor broke out, Wang claimed that one student repeatedly slapped her on the face for some reason.

Wang initially thought that the bullying would end in high school, but Qi was able to track her down and started bullying her again. Eventually, Wang compiled 14 screenshots of insults and other defamatory comments that the man left on Zhihu, a social media site in China, and eventually filed an official lawsuit against him.

She presented key evidence in her case against Qi using his post wherein he claimed that she “only charges 500 yuan (around $80) for one night”; this was seen for over 6,278 times. These pieces of evidence caused a positive outcome in her fight.

Apparently, China’s top court and prosecutors announced in 2013 that when an online defamation rumor receives significant views of more than 5,000 or shares of more than 500 times, the court can find the perpetrator guilty.

Those who are found guilty can face up to a maximum sentence of three years of prison time.

“I hope victims of campus bullying and cyber violence can protect their own interests and rights like me, and don’t let their lives be ruined by someone else’s mistakes,” Wang said in an interview.

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