47 Photos Of Kids Who Were Not Impressed With The Easter Bunny

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Kids are usually super excited to meet the Easter Bunny ― but sometimes they freak out a little when it comes time to actually sit down and take a photo with the creature (it also happens in December when kids visit Santa). And honestly, some of the Easter Bunny costumes are pretty frightening, so we can’t blame them. 

We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share photos of their kids who were not really into a photo with the Easter Bunny, and the results were hilarious:

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    Nailed it!!!!!
  • 4

  • 5

    She wouldn't even get near the bunny.
  • 6

    Kid number two on the left: "Mmmmm, I am not impressed."
  • 7

    He was not impressed with the Bunny!
  • 8

    He was not sure who was holding him, so my baby kept an eye on him... LOL
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  • 10

    When you won't go to the bunny, the bunny comes to you. My poor kiddo wasn't having it and tried to hide.
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  • 12

    Here's my daughter Layla, praying that it will all be over soon.
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  • 14

    I think the Easter bunny farted.
  • 15

    As you can see from the picture, my daughter is holding onto me for dear life! My husband is not convinced either! Creepy bun
  • 16

    Between my horrified son and the Bunny's eye malfunction, this is one we'll never forget.
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  • 18

    Meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time ... and not so sure about it.
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  • 20

    What a difference a year makes...
  • 21

    Sheer. Terror.
  • 22

    Jack was 6 months old here. He's now 6 and still despises anything in a costume.
  • 23

    He was very suspicious of the giant white bunny that laid eggs...
  • 24

    She was so excited to meet the Easter Bunny, even running up to him before it was her turn. All of that excitement turned to
  • 25

    Still one of my favorites!
  • 26

    Not creepy, but the irony of her shirt and face kill me.
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  • 28

    This is the reason I had kids, for things like this.
  • 29

    Dirtiest, stinkiest and most disgusting Easter Bunny EVER with my terrified daughter and tiny baby.
  • 30

    My children couldn't have more different personalities.

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