21 Amazing Little-Known Facts About the Secret Service

The United States Secret Service is shrouded in mystery and myths. Who are these strict people in black costumes? In movies, they wear sunglasses with dark lenses and have earpieces. But you’d hardly recognize them in real life if you met them.

Nueey has discovered some facts about these special agents. We’ll try to lift the veil of secrecy and learn a bit more about the mysterious organization.

21. There are more of them than we think.

If we speak about the Secret Service, we often think about 100 (or even less) elite soldiers. In fact, there are around 6,500. In addition, there are those who work for the personal protection unit.

20. They don’t just guard presidents.

19. There are 3 service phases.

18. They are trained to throw themselves in front of bullets and survive in water.

17. They are ready to provide first aid.

Every agent has basic medical skills and is ready to keep calm in a critical situation to save someone’s life before an ambulance arrives or before they arrive at the hospital. Each president’s route is thoroughly researched so that a hospital is always 10 minutes away.

16. They always have presidential blood with them.

15. Mount Weather isn’t a myth.

14. Presidents have code names too.

13. There are motion sensors in the Oval Office’s floor.

12. They participate in the president’s hobbies.

11. And they go to the doctor with the president.

10. They track all threatening letters.

9. They always monitor and record everything.

Agents always use as many cameras as they can. It really helps a lot when it comes to resolving an incident and finding a perpetrator. After Kennedy’s murder, it was decided to have a car that was responsible for video recording in a presidential cortege.

8. They don’t swear to die for their president.

It’s a Hollywood myth. There is no such oath in real life. Nothing personal, Mr. President!

7. There is only one agent who was killed in the line of duty.

6. They keep their headquarters a secret.

5. The Secret Service was established on the day Lincoln was killed.

4. The Secret Service was not founded to protect the president.

3. They never wear sunglasses outdoors.

2. Sometimes they fail too.

1. Their hands are always ready.